Adnan Ergeç Fund

The Adnan Ergeç Fund (AEF) continues to support research projects of young people (between the ages of 18-30) whose work are related with themes such as collective memory, confronting the past, social peace, justice and prevention of discrimination in Turkey. We talked to Evren Ergeç, one of the founders of the fund, for learning more about the AEF.

Evren Ergeç- Board Member of Karakutu Association, Founder of the Adnan Ergeç Fund

  • How did you decide to establish the Adnan Ergeç Fund?

This fund was established to keep the memory of our father Adnan Ergeç, whom we lost in 1994. A few days before the Father’s Day, when I talked about my idea of establishing this fund to my sisters Elif Ergeç Canıbek and Elçin Ergeç Karslı, they accepted it without hesitation. Thus, we have decided to support young people in the memory of our father. The first term of the fund was announced on November 9, 2016, on the anniversary of his death. Sufficient amount was accumulated in the fund until the applications were concluded. My sisters and my mother Rukiye Ergeç became regular supporters of the fund, besides many relatives who support it.

  • What kind of projects does Adnan Ergeç Fund support?

In line with the goals of Karakutu, the Adnan Ergeç Fund (AEF) supports research and art projects of young people that address topics related with social memory, confronting the past, social peace, fighting discrimination etc. 

  • The first period of the fund has ended. What kind of experience it was for you?

In every sense, you see that your family is enlarging. Besides, you learn and get excited when you see the projects that young people produce. Your support returns to you as a gift. I hope that young people who received support in the first period will continue their journey with their projects. Especially, I think that their relationship between Karakutu will not be broken.

  • What kind of changes are there in the second period of the fund?

There is a change in the amount of funding per project. In this period, we set the upper limit as 3500 TL.  Applicants could also apply for just travel expenses. The upper limit of the fund for travel expenses is 500 TL. 

  • Who can apply to the fund?

Young people between the ages of 13-30 who reside in Turkey can apply to the Fund.

  • What is expected from the beneficiaries during the execution of their projects?

The second period of applications opens on November 9 and ends on November 30. In December, the evaluation and selection of the applicants will be completed. We will meet the young people we support for signing the contracts. After signing the contract, we will send 70% of the total budget of the project to the beneficiary’s account. This procedure occurs in the first weeks of January. Then we will hold an interim evaluation meeting in April. After this meeting, we will demand a written report from the beneficiaries. We want the projects to end by the end of September. We will have a final meeting in October. With this meeting, the beneficiaries are expected to submit the documents of their project expenses and their final written report in order to receive the remaining amount of the fund.